Sunday, 30 March 2008

How do i set up shop on

How do I Set Up Shop/ Sign Up as New Seller

There are some simple steps you need to take before filling in the Sign Up as a New Seller Form.

1. PAYPAL. You need a Paypal Account which allows you to receive money from customers. You can use the link on the sign up screen. When completed you will find that your PayPal ID is your email address. (Although we provide a link to Paypal it is a totally separate company and we do not hold or have access to your financial records.)

2. SELLER NAME. This should be your real name or at least the name on your email address.

3. PICTURE. Using the resizer link on the Home page (bottom left hand corner, click on the word HERE) and reduce your pictures in size.( 600 x 450pixels and under 1.3 mb). It takes about 40 seconds.. Use this facility to resize your product photos and they will load quickly onto this site. You can not change the photo later for your shop, but product photos can be changed. Even if you have a resizer on your computer, for some strange technical reason, our system only accepts it if run through the resizer linked to this site. The resizer facility is free.

4. Telephone Number./Address This is required by UK distance selling laws and must be input here.

5. SHOP NAME. What do you want your shop to be called? This can not be changed later.

6. SELLER PROFILE. Briefly tell people a little about yourself , and any standard information about your shop/products ie returns policy etc. You can add to this later. It is also a good idea to put a contact email address here
Once you have set up a shop I will send some notes on how everything works, although I have tried to make things as simple as possible if you have any questions I will only be too happy to help you.

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